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A must go Instagram hashtags for travel - Romblon Beach Resort

A must go Instagram hashtags for travel - Romblon Beach Resort

10個必去理由 :
10 Reasons to go

1. 報價清楚,回復快速,中英文都可以通

1. Clear price and fast response

The price and quotation are nice and clear. All the questions are responded within a short time.



2. Everything is new and fully set up

Sometimes I want to bring my family to do a dive travel with me. Considering the facility and environment, I give up the option quite often. It's not the case in Romblon Beach Resort. The resort is just fine for a birthday celebration or propose. Trust me, the arrangement would be safe. The photos taken here would receive lots of likes for Internet celebrities. For travel light, the diving gears are able to rent.

3. 空間寬敞


3. Plenty of space
The whole resort is huge. I feel very relax. The space in the room and bathroom are big enough to gear up the diving gears and camera sets. The number of sockets in the room nicely balance between nice looking and functional. The sockets are designed for all countries and there are also USB sockets.

4. 服務周到


4. Nice service

The communication internal is well organized and so does the service quality. Everything was all set up when we arrived. I was quite surprised that they did remember everyone's gear when gears were brought back to our room. I thought all gears looked the same...Also, I didn't mention it was my birthday, but they knew it...

5. 非半淡水


5. Super fresh water

The resort purified water on their own. Thus, water is very fresh and not salty. After shower, the body feels nice like in the home. The water in the pool and to clean up gear are all not salty.


給相機寶貝的房間超重要阿 ! 朗布隆渡假村的相機房插座很多且空間很大,同時現場也可以租借不同型號的相機,從TG系列、RX系列到大相機都有。而且渡假村老闆們全部都是水攝大師,有任何問題都可以請教。

6. Camera room

It is very important that my baby camera has its own room and own space. The Camera room in Romblon Beach Resort has lots of space and plenty of sockets. There are different type of camera to rent, such as Olympus TG sets, Sony RX sets and up to big cameras. All the owners in the resort are professional photographers. It is also a nice experience to learn lessons from them.

7. 食物好吃

廚師會因應各地口味不同而有所做調整且菜色不重複。很多地方我都覺得難吃到我煮的還比較好吃,但這邊比我的手藝好500倍。朗布隆渡假村的官網也有很多美食的照片,而且他們還親手做了生日蛋糕給我,鮮奶油超級好吃 ! 生日願望許的減肥立刻破功


The cooks change menu and favour by guests and try to do different dishes every meal. There are many places provide food that I think I can do better. It's not the case here. The cooks are 500 times better than I do. They post many of the food phots on their website as well. They also made me a cake. The cream was just fine that my birthday wish - to lose weight is not going to happen...

8. 岸潛輕鬆

有些沙地的岸潛會因為沙地鬆軟非常難走,朗布隆度假村 house reef 即使是退潮,路程也30秒不到就可以入水了。

8. Easy shore dive

There are some sandy shore dive is not easy to walk because of the soft sand. The house reef of Romblon beach resort is so short that even during low tide it no need to walk more than 30 seconds to get into the water.

9. 物種主題性強

凡舉美葉、各種海龍海馬、麒麟魚、皮卡丘、壽司蝦、釉彩臘膜蝦、Pink eye Goby、達摩、小白/紅龍、妞妞魚等等都能找到。

9. Top favour critters to see

There is a diversity of critters to see, like butterfly sea slugs, all kinds of sea dragons and horses, Mandarin fish, Pikachu, Sushi shrimps, Harlequin shrimps, Pink eye goby, hairy goby and more to see.

10. 危機處理與應變能力強

這點也是我決定發文推薦的理由。我們這團受到COVID-19疫情影響,一波三折,先是去之前菲律賓斷航,再來是馬尼拉lock down。發布記者會的當下我們人在那邊,潛店不但幫我們關注當地新聞且在協助我們離開菲律賓的交通上非常的給力。從頭到尾,潛店的態度都讓人感覺安心且值得信賴。

10. Risk management and quick response

This is actually the main reason that I do a post for them. Affected by the CornaVirus, there were two big crisis that we faced. A. All Taiwan airlines were banned to travel to the Philippines. B. The Manila lockdown took placed on the 12th of March. It was our first day of diving when the Press confluence released the news. Romblon beach resort provided us with the first-hand local news in time and helped us to rearrange the transportation. The way that they deal with the situation was really reliable and powerful.

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